City Council Approves “Linden 2025” Plan

At the 14 December 2015 meeting of the Linden City Council Meeting, City Administrator Bob Swisher presented his proposed “Linden 2025” plan as a bold path forward for the City.  Linden Heritage Foundation Board President Sam Higdon and Foundation Director Joe B. Lovelace spoke in support of the plan.  After questions and discussions, “Linden 2025” was unanimously adopted by motion made by Alderman Sue Morris Lazara.

A “Linden 2025” Committee was authorized to assist the City Council in implementation of the plan goals with immediate priority given to the exploration of a Texas Main Street designation for the downtown business district.

Six individuals appointed to the Committee by the City Council, Linden Economic Development Corporation. and Linden Heritage Foundation will be announced at the 11 January 2016 meeting of the City Council.  Two citizens-at-large positions will be filled at a meeting of the Committee on January 14th.

For individuals interested in appointment to an at-large position, submit your name and credentials to Bob Swisher ( no later than 13 January 2016 at 5 pm CST.

Our thanks to Bob Swisher for providing the following outline of and comments about Linden 2025.

“Downtown and Events

  • A true historic district with reason to visit and participate (business and restaurant district) including foot traffic and entertainment.
  • City Square buildings 90% occupied and open
  • Downtown advertising on Hwy 59 to possibly include sign to alert travelers to events in the city
  • Covered Event Center (current rodeo arena) with capability for concerts and events.
  • Finished Library with online capability to be an information center for the city.
  • Visitor Center with staff.
  • Signs that direct visitors within the city

 City Wide

  • In conjunction with LEDC identify and develop business opportunities with sustainable job growth
  • Water system capable of supplying water at specified pressure to all residents in all areas.
  • Sewer service to all existing customers with proper flow.
  • Tanks and wells to provide water through drought summer months.
  • A minimum level of animal control.
  • Police Station that passes fire and health inspection (current one fails fire and has had mold).
  • Drainage for the whole city.
  • New street paving for the whole city.
  • Street signs for the whole city (60% of intersections have no sign).
  • Land use to include limited zoning requirements and building occupancy
  • Housing; which would include grants for remodel/repair and new housing units”

“This would be a 10-year program and will include a review of the Main Street program and application if this will push us forward to the goals.  We need a program built for all residents with their tax dollars, and make this a program that they can monitor and track the results in their community.”

“The program goals will bring Linden citizens (all citizens) and people living near Linden together to look at what a great opportunity we have to create a new, diverse and dynamic community.  Respecting and preserving the past, but building a future we can all be proud of.  This is not all inclusive, it is open to further discussion and inclusions or deletions then decisions on priorities and timing.  Linden 2025 will be the road map and provide decision guidance as we move forward.”