Lead article in 30 December 2015 issue of Cass County Sun entitled “2015: The Year in Review”

CassCountySun 30Dec2015 Pg1The lead article in the 30 December 2015 issue of the Cass County Sun entitled 2015: The Year in Review.  Caption of the photo accompanying photo reads “One of the biggest stories of 2015 was the 1934 water tower which went from nearly being demolished to a major project by the newly formed Linden Heritage Foundation.”

CassCountySun 30Dec2015 Pg10In the summary of July’s major events, the article noted that “The Linden City Council voted to demolish the 1934 water tower, which had previously been taken out of commission.  The continuation of the article on page 10 noted under August events that “Council later voted to allow private investors the opportunity to submit a proposal for its renovation.”

Two events involving the Foundation were noted from November. 1) “The Linden Heritage Foundation said they wanted Linden’s downtown area to the designated a Texas Main Street by the Texas Historical Commission.”  2) “The City of Linden transferred ownership of the abandoned 1939 fire station to the Linden Heritage Foundation which would seek private development of the property.”

Thanks to widespread, strong community support of the Linden Heritage Foundation proposals to preserve the 1934 Water Tower and 1939 Fire Station, plans are being made to allow both structures to play a positive role in the future redevelopment of Linden, Texas.