Thank You for Your Support in 2015!

Photo by Neil Abeles, 2015
Photo by Neil Abeles, 2015

As 2015 comes to an end it is time for the Linden Heritage Foundation to say “Thank You.”  Your support has promoted our growth in numbers and reach since our founding in September.

The next few days, as you gather with your families, think about your heritage.  Yes, we all come “from a place” and some of us were blessed with the memories of our youth when growing up in Linden.

A fundamental goal of the Linden Heritage Foundation is to energize and illuminate Linden’s special possibilities and heritage resources.  It is fitting to note that the 1934 Water Tower scheduled for demolition still stands as an image of the commitment of friends of our community, not just here, but around the world.

Let’s pause to Take a Picture of This prior to our movement into 2016 to accomplish the significant goals of this organization.

Sam L. Higdon, President


One thought on “Thank You for Your Support in 2015!

  1. Happy New Year Everyone! As we ring in “2016” let’s note the uniqueness of the Foundation as it has members all across the world – stories, photos and comments you’ve seen on this Website and/or our Facebook Page. Together much will be accomplished as we implement the goals of “Linden 2025”. I’m proud of my hometown.

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