What’s in Your Album?

The Old Linden Firehouse Project needs photos of any part of this building taken between 1939 and 1965.  

If you have such a photo, even one that shows only a piece of the building, please submit and collect up to a $750.00 reward!

Photos from the Rush Street facade, on the south, are prized since it’s the “front” of the building.  Research indicates that originally, the Old Linden Firehouse had just a single fire truck door so the pair of doors seen here may not appear on older photos.

Be sure to carefully check the background of your old photos – people often posed with some part of a historic building behind them.  Such a photo will also count for this reward!

Photos submitted will be evaluated by a Committee of the Linden Heritage Foundation, reward levels determined, and photos returned  with credit given for use.  All photos of the Old Linden Firehouse pre-1965 receive prize $.

Thank you for helping us get this word out.

Linden Heritage Foundation


512.799.6294-Joe; 903.490.6821-Sue

Please respond no later than August 31, 2017