Ward Timber Company Donates to Firehouse Rescue Fund

Check presentation by Brittanie Ward Lowery (center), Administrative Assistant of Ward Timber Company, to Linden Heritage Foundation Officers Joe B. Lovelace (left) and Jana Carpenter Bounds (right).
Brittanie Ward Lowery (center), Administrative Assistant of Ward Timber Company, present check to Linden Heritage Foundation Officers Joe B. Lovelace (left) and Jana C. Bounds (right).
Linden Heritage Foundation recently accepted a generous contribution to help rescue Linden’s 1939 Firehouse.  Ward Timber Company of Linden has donated $1,000 in recognition of the role fire departments play in protection of our structures and woodlands.

The Linden Heritage Foundation was established in 2015 as a public charity to protect historic resources of Linden.  The Foundation quickly realized that endangerment issues impacting the Firehouse had to be addressed immediately if this historically significant structure was to be saved

Recently, the Linden Firehouse was preliminarily selected by the Texas Preservation Trust Fund for a crucial Project Planning Grant.  To raise the necessary match money for that grant, the Linden Heritage Foundation established the Firehouse Rescue Fund.

The overall plan is to restore the Firehouse in a way that retains its eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places, improve the visual appearance of downtown Linden, and give the City a commercial shot in the arm.  Because of the building’s historical significance, it is possible to move in this direction using tax money we have already paid to our state and federal governments.

Conceptual computer-rendered image of 1939 Firehouse after restoration.
Conceptual computer-rendered image of 1939 Firehouse after restoration by Lucas Allen.
The immediate state grant available to the Firehouse is designed to fund planning services by an architect possessing the type of credentials required by the Texas Preservation Trust Fund on projects chosen to receive public funding.  Planning work done under this grant will also serve to keep the Firehouse on track for a possible “Full Restoration Grant” the following year.

Firehouse History 

  • Built: 1939
  • Architect: R. Stanley-Brown
  • Local Builder: A. Morse
  • Designation: Eligible for National Registry of Historic Places
  • Recognition: Preservation Texas 2016 Texas’ Most Endangered Places List – Local Public Buildings category

The following news articles appeared in the local press to usher in the new structure:

  • January 26, 1939: “Linden started work this week on building a stucco fire station for their fire engine, and the building will include office, storage room and sleeping quarters for two volunteers…”
  • February 23, 1939: “DID YOU HEAR . . . the Fire Truck as it moved into its new home Tuesday noon, near the water tower? This is a great improvement to our little city.”

Architectural historians and preservationists have long recognized that no community, neither its buildings nor its forests nor its people, is safe without a fire station.  In early 2016, in recognition of its historical uniqueness and significance, the Old Linden Firehouse was named by Preservation Texas to its 2016 TexasMost Endangered Places list.  When making that announcement to a crowd gathered in Austin, the following remarks were offered by Evan Thompson, Executive Director of Preservation Texas:

  • “While many historical buildings have been lost to fire, so many have been saved through the valiant efforts of firefighters. That we are able to enjoy neighborhoods filled with old wooden structures is a testament to the success of our firefighters, and old fire stations represent the front line in preservation.”

Firehouse Future

We hope you will honor the town of Linden with a gift of your support to rescue, restore, and reimagine our Old Linden Firehouse of 1939.

Interested parties may donate to the Firehouse Rescue Fund by check made out to Linden Heritage Foundation – Rescue, PO Box 507, Linden 75563.  Donations by credit card are also welcomed.

Your gift to this Firehouse Rescue Fund will play a lasting role in helping Linden honor its unique heritage, prosper commercially, create jobs, and become all it can and should be.