Temporary Roof over Historic Firehouse Completed

Construction of a temporary roof over Linden’s historic Firehouse has been completed.  Additional weatherproofing is forthcoming to help prevent rain from entering the building below the temporary roof.

Exterior photos were taken by Jo Anna Duncan.  Roof-level photo of the metal panels was taken by John Noyes. Thank you Jo Anna and John for documenting this important step in the preservation of the Firehouse.

FirehouseTempRoof1 25Nov2015 FirehouseTempRoof2 25Nov2015 FirehouseTempRoof3 25Nov2015 FirehouseTempRoof4 25Nov2015 FirehouseTempRoof5 25Nov2015 Firehouse Metal Roof 24Nov2015


One thought on “Temporary Roof over Historic Firehouse Completed

  1. This is awesome. In a very short time, the City, its employees and especially Sam Higdon moved to protect the fire house from the elements. It is tangible proof of what can be accomplished when we work together toward the goal of the Linden Heritage Foundation to preserve our local historic structures. Won’t you join us?

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