Reminder of First Annual Meeting of the Membership Scheduled for 23 January 2016

The first Annual Meeting the Membership of the Linden Heritage Foundation will be held on Saturday, 23 January 2016, at the Linden Garden Club (300 E Houston St) starting at 2 pmAll members are encouraged to attend and exercise their right to vote for 2016 Board of Directors.

The agenda for the meeting includes:

  1. Welcome – Sam Higdon, President
  2. Introduction of Nominating Committee Members – Sam Higdon
  3. Nominating Committee submits Slate of Directors for election
  4. Explanation of voting process, tabulate vote, and announce results
  5. Review of Foundation financial statement
  6. Review of past and current activities
  7. Questions and Comments
  8. Announcement of next quarterly meeting of Board of Directors – date, time, and location
  9. Refreshments & Visitation

The Board of Directors will meet following the Business Meeting to discuss:

  1. Election of Officers
  2. Staggered terms of Directors
  3. Committee formation
  4. Goals for 2016