Linden Heritage Foundation holds 2017 Meeting of the Board of Directors and Election of Officers

The first meeting of the 2017 Board of Directors for the Linden Heritage Foundation was held February 18th at the residence of John and Catherine Knapp in Linden, Texas. 

Directors present: Sam Higdon, Joe B. Lovelace, Sue Lazara, Jana C. Bounds, John Knapp, Sandra Westbrook Skoog, Ron Calhoun and Barbara Teachey.  

Directors absent: Gail Dorgan, Kay Stephens and Anna Barber. 

Acting-President Sam Higdon called for nominations for the election of Officers.  The following individuals were elected as Officers:  

  • President – Joe B. Lovelace
  • Vice-President for Preservation & Education – Sue Morris Lazara
  • Vice-President for Marketing & Development – Sandra Westbrook Skoog
  • Vice-President for Information Technologies – John Knapp
  • Secretary – Gail Dorgan
  • Chief Financial Officer – Jana C. Bounds
  • Parliamentarian – Kay Stephens

 The Linden Heritage Foundation Board will next meet on Saturday, April 29th @ 5 p.m. at the residence of Sue Lazara after hosting activities during Wildflower Trails in front of the 1939 Linden Firehouse.