Jo Anna Hall Duncan – Linden’s Photographer

WT Halloween 2015
Jo Anna Duncan’s amazing Halloween 2015 photograph of the City’s 1934 Water Tower

From the beginning, the extraordinary photographs of local photographer Jo Anna Hall Duncan have been a part of the Linden Heritage Foundation‘s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.  Simply because she works to see good things happen, Jo Anna graciously allows the Foundation to display her photographs to enhance our website and social media notices.

Jo Anna Duncan
A rare photograph of Jo Anna with what she describes as “the most popular personality in town – the water tower” in the background. Thank you for the photo Jo Anna!

In recognition of this generosity and of her special talent in capturing local scenes of heritage and culture, the Founding Directors of the Linden Heritage Foundation have  awarded an honorary Charter Membership to Jo Anna Hall Duncan.

In a recent letter to Jo Anna, Foundation President Sam Higdon wrote…

The founding Directors of the Linden Heritage Foundation offer you a Charter Membership in gratitude for the support you have extended the Foundation by allowing your beautiful photographs to be used on our Web pages and Facebook posts at no cost.  As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Your photographs of the water tower and courthouse in this generation of social media have drawn state, national and worldwide attention to our efforts to preserve important parts of our community.

We are fortunate to have Jo Anna working to record so many special images in and around our city.  Those interested in seeing more of her work may visit the Scenes from Cass County, Texas and the Front Porch Treasures Studio Facebook pages.

3 thoughts on “Jo Anna Hall Duncan – Linden’s Photographer

  1. Jo Anna is a very special lady, and her beautiful photographs have been a wonderful enhancement to the Foundation’s Facebook page, website, and Twitter account. What a way to really grab some attention to the Linden Heritage Foundation!, and some well-deserved attention to her pictures, as well. What s nice “thank you” for her with your gift of the Charter Membership.

    1. Not only is Jo Anna an supremely talented photographer, she is also one of the kindest, most gracious and modest people I’ve ever met. Linden is so lucky to have her. Congratulations on this tremedous award Jo Anns, and kudos to the goood folk who have chosen to recognise you in this way.

  2. Jo Anna Duncan is Linden’s photographer. By using her pictures the Foundation has been able to communicate a message that would have required a thousand words. Thank you Jo Anna for being on our team.

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