Honoring our Veterans

Courthouse Flag FPTS
Photograph courtesy of Jo Anna Duncan’s Front Porch Treasures Studio on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FrontPorchTreasuresStudio

After The Greatest Generation of Americans returned to Linden following World War II, the City flourished in the 1950s and 60s.  Help restore the City we love by becoming a Charter Member of the Linden Heritage Foundation as we honor American servicemen of all generations.

JOIN NOW to help preserve our heritage and chart a brighter future for Linden. Add your name to our Charter Members Page.

To join the Linden Heritage Foundation either online or by check, click this Membership link.


One thought on “Honoring our Veterans

  1. My dad, Joe W. Lovelace, was one of those we call the “Greatest Generation”. He, and many like him, came of age in the “Great Depression” then went to war and won the peace against Hitler and the Empire of Japan. They then returned to their home towns with their war bride and education earned under the GI Bill. They raised their children. They built this town. My dad loved his country and he loved Linden. On this Veterans Day I honor him with a charter membership to the Linden Heritage Foundation.

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