Honor a Friend or Family Member with a Charter Membership

WPA Plaque CroppedYou may have noticed that some of our members have placed the name of a departed loved one or friend on our list of Charter Members.  If you wish to purchase a Memorial Charter Membership, just add a life span notation (as seen below), on the membership form next to the name that you wish to honor.

Jana Carter Broxson (1947-2014) - Corrigan, TX
  Joe W. Lovelace (1922-2011) - Linden, TX
Margaret Scott Lovelace (1925-2010) – Linden, TX
Charline Wiley Morris (1917-1998) – Linden, TX
  Mary E. (Dood) O'Rear (1919-2008) - Linden, TX
  Milton T. O'Rear (1915-1994) - Linden, TX
  Jerry Dale Surratt (1947-1970) - Linden, TX

Charter Memberships are available ONLY until 31 December 2015.

For more information on membership in the Linden Heritage Foundation, either by check or by online payment, click this membership link.