Deconstruction of 1939 Old Linden Firehouse

The Linden Heritage Foundation (LHF) Board of Directors in April 2019 reviewed the history of the near four year effort to restore the Old Linden Firehouse.  (see here)

It was decided then it would be cost prohibitive even with grants and available tax credits to restore the Old Firehouse.  No one since has stepped forward expressing any interest in the structure or the plans/specifications to convert the building to a commercial or residential use.

Photo by Jo Anna Duncan July 2021

The building and its interior have recently been inspected by an engineer and determined to be structurally unsound.

The Board, based on that finding, has elected to remove the roof and existing walls of the Old Firehouse down to the concrete slab and retaining walls.  Labor and equipment for this work will be donated.

Image courtesy of Angela McMillon 2021

Once the work is completed, the LHF Board will seek input on future use of the Old Linden Firehouse site.  An option being reviewed would incorporate the 1934 Water Tower and Old Firehouse into an outdoor music venue.

For further information contact:  Sam Higdon, LHF Director

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