Texas Main Street: Linden Reimagined

Have you thought about how to reimagine Linden?  The Main Street America Program provides historic downtowns with the opportunity to effectively redevelop through specially-targeted public and private investment.  Operated in Texas by the Texas Historical Commission, the Texas Main Street Program (TMSP) is one of the oldest and largest in the nation, with 87 fully-designated communities.  The mission of TMSP is to provide technical expertise, resources, and support for Texas communities in the preservation and economic revitalization of historic downtowns and commercial districts.  The City of Linden has filed a Letter of Intent with the Texas Historical Commission to participate in the 2017 Texas Main Street Program.

Event participants included (left to right) Joe Lovelace, Ruth Halleck, Sue Lazara, Tracy Cox, Linda Goller, Marshall McMillan, andy Clarence Burns. Photo courtesy of Jo Anna Duncan.
Event participants included (left to right) Joe Lovelace, Ruth Halleck, Sue Lazara, Tracy Cox, Linda Goller, Marshall McMillan, andy Clarence Burns. Photo courtesy of Jo Anna Duncan.

On Monday, April 11th, the City of Linden, Linden Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) and Linden Heritage Foundation (LHF) welcomed downtown-Linden business owners, members of “Linden 2025” Committee, LEDC and City officials, and LHF members to a Texas Main Street Information Event.  Tracy Cox, Main Street Director for San Augustine, Texas served as facilitator. With help from San Augustine Main Street Advisory Board Members Marshall McMillan and Linda Goller, Ms. Cox presented information on and answered questions about TMSP’s benefits to San Augustine, a city similar in size to Linden, that was awarded Texas Main Street City status in 2013.

Ms. Cox, Mr. McMillan, and Ms. Goller explained that TMSP has been a crucial tool for revitalizing the economic and social health of their community.  In addition to being the heart of local heritage and community pride, San Augustine’s historic downtown is the most important indicator of economic health.  Historic buildings are turning into prime locations for unique entrepreneurial businesses that attract tourists, keep local dollars at home, and add to the community’s sales tax collections, hotel tax, and property values.

A second Texas Main Street Information Event will be held Thursday, May 5th from 1:30 to 3 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the Linden United Methodist Church.  Carolyn Teague, Main Street Director for Mt. Vernon, Texas, will lead the program.  Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.  There will be designated seating for Linden-downtown business/property owners, members of the Linden City Council, and LEDC Board of Directors.

How do you reimagine Linden?


One thought on “Texas Main Street: Linden Reimagined

  1. I am glad to see things moving along with new ideas for doing things downtown. I would hope someday that we get a Linden Heritage Museum that would focus on the talent our town has had in the past and present, as well as people and events that have created the history of Linden. I think Don Henley needs a museum!
    I would also like to see a library downtown with internet access. Perhaps community members could tutor for those seeking a GED and TC could have a place to teach college classes. For our kids that are going to college, a library with internet is a must if we are to improve our town. Many don’t have internet out in the country and need this to do college work. Maybe a book swap shop could be inside the library.
    I think there is a need for a resale shop for clothes and furniture.
    It would be nice to have a “Sweet Shop” where cakes can be ordered, as well as specialty desserts. With special events, such as Wildflower Trails, this should go over well.
    I think perhaps a music studio would be good, where dance classes and learning to play instruments and write music could be offered. There is plenty of local talent that could teach these opportunities!
    Linden needs more housing so that more businesses will be interested in making Linden their home. Perhaps some kind of apprenticeship school could afford this opportunity. Pursuing skills education such as carpentry, electrician tech and plumbing would do well if some housing additions were created. I believe Texarkana College has these programs. Perhaps they could have a satellite program in Linden. Maybe some of the older structures can be saved through such a program.
    It would be nice for visitors to rent a horse and buggy for a guided tour, or maybe a covered wagon or a trolley with historians giving town history during special events.
    Some small bed and breakfast businesses would be a great asset.
    Our heritage can be enjoyed with the support of many different facets of Linden life. Growing Linden is going to make for a brighter future! Thanks to all who are involved in improving our town and for seeing that projects such as Main Street are pursued.

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