One of a Kind Knife Donated to T-Bone Walker Day Auction

Heath Stone is a craftsman with skill and tradition running deep within his veins.  A native of Baytown, he lives and works his trade designing and building one of a kind knives for collectors and outdoorsman.

Heath’s business -Stone Knifeworks – is located in Commerce City, Colorado.









Heath’s family is rooted in Linden history.  His mother – Brenda Chamblee Stone and father – Roy Stone were raised in Linden.  Brenda graduated from Linden-Kildare High in 1965 and Roy in 1964. In his youth, Heath spent much of his time in his parents’ hometown.

Desiring to assist historical work being conducted by the Linden Heritage Foundation, Heath donated a customized knife, with case, for Foundation fundraising.

Readily recognized as engraved on the knife handle and case is the Iconic 1934 Linden Water Tower


A member of the Linden Heritage Foundation has made a generous donation for the knife and placed ownership back to the Foundation on condition the knife be placed into the silent auction to be held as part of the fundraising for the T-Bone Walker Day at Music City Texas, Saturday, October 20th.

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