Sustaining Members 2022

Upon founding of the Linden Heritage Foundation, individuals responded to our call to join as Charter Members and/or donated in memory of a loved one.  In order to give members the opportunity to support the Foundation at this same level in 2022, a Sustaining Member category is available.

The generous support of people like those named below – who are committed to preserving and celebrating the places and stories that make Linden distinctive and unique – is what makes the work of the Linden Heritage Foundation possible.  We are an all-volunteer organization; and you can be sure that your generous donations go entirely to honor Linden’s rich heritage and to employ its special places in building a brighter future for the town!

We are proud to list Sustaining Members for 2022.

  • Mason Barrett – Birmingham, AL
  • George Bennett – Tucson, AZ
  • Dana Lanier Boland – Fort Smith, AR
  • Phil Broxson – Corrigan, TX
  • Wanda Burns – Longview, TX
  • Mike Carter –  Daingerfield, TX
  • Ron Calhoun – DeSoto, Tx
  • Phillip Chamblee – Georgetown, TX
  • Clyde Daniels – Blossom, TX
  • Joeseph DeNatale – Linden, TX
  • Mary Dowd – Linden, TX
  • Candy Hall – Tyler, TX
  • Harold Hall – Quinlan, TX
  • Jeannie Hanes – Camden, AR
  • Gary Hanes – Camden, AR
  • Jackie Higdon – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Sam Higdon – Baton Rouge, LA
  • William Hines – Metairie, LA
  • Elaine Howell – Flint, TX
  • Margie Iverson – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Lou Jennings – Austin, TX
  • Frank Lanier – Linden, TX
  • LeAnn Lee – Linden, TX
  • Joe Lovelace – Flint, TX
  • Renee Lovelace – Flint, TX
  • Robbie Martin – Charles City, VA
  • Kyle Morgan – Hughes Springs, TX
  • Jake Morphew – Waco, TX
  • Rebecca Narramore – Linden, TX
  • Diane Ferrell Neal – Nashville, TN
  • Mary Pollock – Rosenberg, TX
  • John Rountree – Linden, TX
  • Iva Rountree – Linden, TX
  • Pat Rountree – Linden, TX
  • Marsha Savage – Manteca, CA
  • Joan Schiavone – East Windsor, NJ
  • Sandra Skoog – Longview, TX
  • Dave Stewart – Linden, TX
  • Mary Alice Pate Stuckey – Atlanta, TX
  • Barbara Teachey – Richmond, VA
  • Mary Janet Wells – Marshall, TX
  • Becky Wilbanks – Linden, TX
  • Brenda Warren Yates – Linden, TX

To renew your membership, please go to and login to your Foundation account.  If you have do not know  your Login Name and Password, you can recover the information by clicking on the “Send Recovery Email” link.  Please use the recovery option rather than creating a new account. To become a member of the Foundation, please go to to choose a membership category.  Or, you may send a check to P. O. Box 146, Linden, Texas 75563.  Memberships expire one year from the date of payment of dues.  Linden Heritage Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (IRS #47-5126258). Your donations are therefore tax deductible.