Distinguished Donors – 2017

Upon founding of the Linden Heritage Foundation, individuals responded to our call to join as Charter Members and/or donated in memory of a loved one.  In order to give members the opportunity to support the Foundation at a different level in 2017, a Distinguished Donor Level category is now available.The generous support of people like those named below – who are committed to preserving and celebrating the places and stories that make Linden distinctive and unique – is what makes the work of the Linden Heritage Foundation  possible.  We are an all-volunteer organization; and you can be sure that your generous donations go entirely to honor Linden’s rich heritage and to employ its special places in building a brighter future for the town!

Distinguished Donor Levels

Sponsor – $250

  • Ralph Wood – 250.00 – Waco, TX
  • Alex Lazara – 250.00 – Chapel Hill, NC

Patron – $500

Benefactor -$1,000+

  • Sam Higdon – 1,000.00 – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Jake Morphew – 1,000.00 – Waco, TX
  • Natalie Morphew – 1,000.00 – Waco, TX

A Distinguished Donor will receive recognition on the Foundation website, if they wish, for the calendar year in which the gift is made.